UG I YEAR SYLLABUS 2013-14    UG Annexure      III Degree Elective Subjects - Number of Students - Format to be Submitted                WELCOME TO KRISHNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION SECTION
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Date Results Info

20~04~2014 UG III Year Results 2014  
17~04~2014 B.Tech III Year II Semester and IV Year I Semester Revaluation Results   
17~04~2014 B.Tech III Year I Semester (2010-11) and (2011-12) Revaluation Results  
11~04~2014 M.Sc(Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology) I Semester Results  
10~04~2014 M.Sc(Organic Chemistry) III Semester Results  
06~04~2014 M.Sc(Biochemistry) III Semester(2012-13) Results
06~04~2014 M.Ed I Semester(2013-14) Results   
06~04~2014 PG I Semester(2013-14) Results (M.A(ENG,ECO,JMC,SWO,TEL),
04~04~2014 B.Pharmacy II,IV,VI Semester Revaluation Results   
04~04~2014 Pharma D I,II,III Year Revaluation Results   
01~04~2014 M.A (Journalism and Mass Communication) III Semester(2012-13) Results   
01~04~2014 B.Tech I Year(2010-11 and 2011-12) Supplementary Results
25~03~2014 PG III Semester Results   
20~03~2014 M.A Journalism and Mass Communication I Semester Results
20~03~2014 MCA V Semester Results   
20~03~2014 B.Pharmacy VII Semester Results   
06~03~2014 B.Tech III Year I and II Semester Supplementary Results   
06~03~2014 B.Tech I year Supplementary 2010-11 and 2011-12 Results    
06~03~2014 B.Tech III Year I Semester Results(2011-12)   
06~03~2014 B.Tech IV Year I Semester Results(2010-11)   
06~03~2014 MBA and MCA II Semester Revaluation Results   
25~2~2014 B.Ed Revaluation Results October 2013   
22~2~2014  B.A.LL.B III and VII Semester Results   
22~2~2014 LL.B III and V Semester Results   
21-2-2014 M.Pharmacy II Semester Results   
12~2~2014 M.Com(2010 and 2011) II Semester Results   
10~1~2014 MBA, MCA II Semester Results, September 2013   
10~1~2014 B.Pharmacy I,II,III Semester Revaluation Results
10~1~2014 B.Pharmacy II,IV, VI Semester Results   
10~1~2014 Pharma D I,II,III Year Results   
06~1~2014 B.Ed October 2013 Results   
13~12~2013 PG II,IV Semester Revaluation Results  
12~12~2013 M.Pharmacy(MPAN/MPH/MPPC) III,IV Semester Results  
11~12~2013 M.Sc(Biotechnology 5 years Integrated) VI and VIII Semester Results   
11~12~2013 M.Pharmacy II Semester Practical Supplementary Examination Results  
10~12~2013 B.H.M I,II,III Year Revaluation Results  
03~12~2013 LLB and BALLB (II/IV/VI Semester) Revaluation Results  
27~11~2013 UG I and II Year Alternate CBT Examination Results Held in October 2013  
25~11~2013 MBA and MCA Revaluation Results  
22~11~2013 UGC COP - APRIL 2013 Results  
21~11~2013 B.Tech April 2013 Revaluation Results  
20~11~2013 U.G Advanced Supplementary I and II year Revaluation Results  
14~11~2013 PG I Semester (2012-13) Revaluation Results  
14~11~2013 PG III Semester (2011-12) Revaluation Results  
08~11~2013 B.A.LL.B (10-11) V Semester Revaluation Results   
08~11~2013 LL.B (12-13) I Semester Revaluation Results   
25~10~2013 B.Pharmacy II Semester Revaluation Results   
25~10~2013 M.Ed II Semester Revaluation Results   
24~10~2013 B.Pharmacy III Semester Revaluation Results   
24~10~2013 B.A.LL.B I Semester Revaluation Results   
24~10~2013 M.Com(12-13) II Semester Results   
24~10~2013 M.A JMC II Semester Results   
09~10~2013  M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry II Semester Results     
01~10~2013 M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV Semester Results   
01~10~2013 M.Sc Organic Chemistry (2012-13) II Semester Results   
30~09~2013 M.Sc Biotechnology I Semester Supplementary Results   
19~09~2013 B.Tech II year II Semester(2010-11) Supplementary Results   
19~09~2013 UG I and II Year Advanced Supplementary Results   
17~09~2013  M.Sc Physics II Semester(2012-13) Results   
13~09~2013 B.Pharmacy V Semester Revaluation Results     
05~09~2013 UG III Year Advanced Supplementary Revaluation Results  
04~09~2013 M.Sc Biotechnology(2008-09) IX Semester Results  
04~09~2013 M.Sc Electronics and Instrumentation II Semester(2012-13) Results  
04~09~2013 M.Com IV Semester Results   
27~08~2013 LL.B/B.A.LL.B(2011-12) IV Semster Results  
27~08~2013 B.H.M Results April 2013  
24~08~2013 M.A(Economics) & M.Sc(Visual Communication) IV Semester Results  
24~08~2013 LL.B & B.A.LL.B(2012-13) II Semester Results  
24~08~2013  B.A.LL.B VI Semester Results  
23~08~2013 M.Sc(Biotechnology)(2011-12) IV Semester Results  
21~08~2013 PG II Semester Results  
17~08~2013 M.Sc(Biotechnology) X Semester Results  
17~08~2013 PG IV Semester M.Sc(Organic Chemistry) Results  
17~08~2013 PG II Semester M.A(English) and M.A(Telugu) Results  
05~08~2013 UG III Year Advanced Supplementary Results  
02~08~2013 M.Pharmacy I Semester(2012-13) Results  
02~08~2013 M.A. Social Work IV Semester(2011-12) Results  
02~08~2013 MHRM IV Semester Results
02~08~2013 B.Tech II Year I Semester(2010-11) Supplementary Results  
02~08~2013 B.Tech II Year I Semester(2011-12) Supplementary Results  
02~08~2013 B.Tech III Year I Semester(2010-11) Supplementary Results  
02~08~2013 B.Tech II Year II Semester(2011-12) Results  
26~07~2013 B.Tech III Year II Semester Results  
25~07~2013 M.Ed II Semester Results  
25~07~2013 M.Sc Electronics and Instrumentation IV Semester Results  
25~07~2013 LL.B VI Semester Results  
25~07~2013 E-Banking II Semester Results  
17~07~2013  PG IV SEM (2011-12) Results
15~07~2013  MBA and MCA IV Semester Results   
08~07~2013 B.Pharmacy II Semester Supplementary Results   
08~07~2013 B.Pharmacy I and III Semester Results   
05~07~2013 LL.B and B.A.LL.B III Semester and LL.B V Semester Results   
05~07~2013 MCA,MBA I Semester and MCA VI Semester Results   
05~07~2013 E-Banking I Semester Results   
25~06~2013 U.G I and II Year Revaluation Results
17~05~2013 B.Pharmacy V Semester Results  
17~05~2013 LL.B,B.A.LL.B I Semester and B.A.LL.B V Semester Results   
17~05~2013 PG I Semester M.Sc(Computer Science), M.Sc(Biotechnology) and M.A(English) Results   
08~05~2013 PG I Semester (2012-13) Results   
25~04~2013 UG III Year Results March 2013   
22~04~2013 B.Tech I Year and II Year I Semester , II Semester SUpplementary Revaluation Results   
22~04~2013 B.Tech I Year and II Year I Semester Revaluation Results   
22~04~2013 M.Sc Electronics and Instrumentation I and IV Semester Results
15~04~2013 Pharma - D(11-12) I Year Revaluation Results  
15~04~2013 Pharma - D(10-11) II Year Revaluation Results  
12~04~2013 B.Pharmacy II and IV Semester Revaluation Results   
04~04~2013 PG III Semester M.Sc(Electronics & Instrumentation),M.Sc(Physics),M.Sc(Mathematics), M.Sc Biotechnology V and VII Semester Results
01~04~2013 B.Tech III Year I Semester Revaluation Results
01~04~2013 PG III Semester M.Sc(Organic Chemistry), M.A. Economics Results   
30~03~2013 PG III Semester M.Com, M.Sc. Biotechnology , M.Sc. Computer Science & M.Pharmacy II Semester Results   
25~03~2013 PG III Semester (Applied Maths, Botany,Microbiology,Pharmaceutical Chemistry,Visual Communication, Electronics and Instrumentation,Electronics , Telugu and English) Results     
13~03~2013 M.Com (11-12) II Semester Revaluation Results
13~03~2013 M.Sc Mathematics (11-12) II Semester Revaluation Results
12~03~2013 B.Tech(10-11) II year II Semester Supplementary Results    
12~03~2013 B.Tech(10-11) II Year I Semester Supplementary Results
12~03~2013 B.Tech(11-12) I Year Supplementary Results  
12~03~2013 B.Tech(10-11) I Year Supplementary Results     
06~03~2013 B.Ed Supplementary Results 2013   
05~03~2013 B.Tech II Year I Semester Results   
05~03~2013 PG II Semester Revaluation Results   
23~02~2013 LL.B and B.A.LL.B III Semester and LL.B V Semester Results   
23~02~2013 MBA III Semester Results   
23~02~2013 BTECH III year I Semester Results  
13~02~2012 MCA III and V Semester Results   
06~02~2013 PG III Semester M.Sc(Analytical Chemistry), M.Sc(Biochemistry),M.H.R.M,M.A(Social Work),M.Sc(Zoology) Results   
29~01~2013 B.Pharma II Semester Results   
29~01~2013 B.Pharma IV Semester Results   
29~01~2013 B.Tech I Year Revaluation Results   
22~01~2013 Pharma D I and II Year Results   
19~01~2013 LL.B / B.A.LL.B II Semester Revaluation Results
01~01~2013 Pre Ph.D Results   
21~12~2012 B.Ed 2012 Revaluation Results   
23~11~2012 B.Tech II Year II Semester Revaluation Results
23~11~2012 B.Tech II Year I Semester Supplementary Revaluation Result
21~11~2012 M.A Journalism and Mass Communication(10-11) IV Semester Results
17~11~2012 PG IV Semester Revaluation Results   
06~11~2012  UG Advanced Supplementary Revaluation Results   
20~10~2012 Btech I Year Results   
06~10~2012 B.Tech I Year Supplementary Revaluation Results    
05~10~2012 M.Pharmacy III and IV Semester Results
27~09~2012 PG II Semester M.Com, M.A Economics and M.Sc Microbiology Results
27~09~2012 M.Sc Biotechnology (5 Years) II Semester Supplementary Results   
27~09~2012 M.Sc Biotechnology II and IV Semester Results   
27~09~2012 LL.B I and IV Semester Revaluation Results   
27~09~2012 B.A.LL.B I and IV Semester Revaluation Results   
15~09~2012 BHM (11-12) Revaluation Results
15~09~2012 MCA(2011-12) II Semester Revaluation Results
15~09~2012 MBA(2011-12) II Semester Revaluation Results
12~09~2012 B.Ed 2012 Results     
07~08~2012 M.Sc Electronics and Instrumentation II Semester Results
07~08~2012 LL.B and B.A.LL.B II Semester Results   
07~08~2012 B.Tech I Year Supplementary Results   
30~08~2012 PG II Semester (M.Sc(Physics, Computer Science, Electronics & Instrumentation) and MA(English) Results
24~08~2012 B.Pharmacy I & III Semester Revaluation Results
24~08~2012 Pharm D 1st Year Supplementary Results
24~08~2012 PG II Semester(M.Sc(Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Botany, Electronics, Mathematics, Organic Chemistry) & MA(Telugu) Results
14~08~2012 PG II Semester (M.Sc(Analytical Chemistry, Zoology, Visual Communication, Pharmaceutical Chemistry), MA(Social Work), M.Ed & MHRM Examination Results
09~08~2012 M.Sc(Electronics and Instrumentation) I Semester Results    
08~08~2012 PG IV Semester(M.Sc(Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Botany), M.Com and MHRM Examination Results
08~08~2012 B.Tech II Year II Semester Results
08~08~2012 B.Tech II Year I Semester Supplementary Results
03~08~2012 M.Pharmacy I Semester Results
31~07~2012 MBA & MCA IV Semester revaluation Results
17~07~2012 PG IV Semester M.Sc(Microbiology, Zoology, Electronics) and MA(Economics, Social Work) Results     
17~07~2012 UG I and II Year Advanced Supplementary Results   
11~07~2012 PG IV Semester Results   
08~07~2012  MBA and MCA II Semester Results    
21~06~2012 PG I Semester Revaluation Results  
15~06~2012 BHM I & II Year Examination Results    
12~06~2012 MBA IV Semester Results   
11~06~2012 MCA IV Semester Results   
09~06~2012 LL.B & B.A.LL.B IV Semester Results   
28~05~2012 UG I Year Introduction to Computers Re-Examination result   
28~05~2012 PG III Semester Revaluation Results   
25-05-2012 UG I and II Year Revaluation Results  
24~05~2012 B.B.M I Year Examination Results   
24~05~2012 C.O.P I & II Year Results     
09~05~2012 B.Pharmacy I & III Semester Results   
09~05~2012 LL.B & B.A.LL.B I Semester Results   
02~05~2012 LL.B & B.A.LL.B III Semester Revaluation Results     
23~04~2012 UG II Year Examination Results
13~04~2012 UG I Year Examination Results   
13~04~2012 B.Tech II Year I Semester Revaluation Results
13~04~2012 B.Tech I Year Supplementary Revaluation Results  
05~04~2012  M.B.A & M.C.A I Semester Revaluation Results   
04~03~2012 M.A. (Economics) I Semester Results   
02~03~2012 B.Ed Supplementary Revaluation Results   
02~03~2012 MBA & MCA III Semester Revaluation Results   
28~02~2012 UGC Sponsored Career Priented Program Resullts     
22~02~2012 MBA I Semester Examination Results   
17~02~2012 MCA I Semester Examination Results   
03~02~2012 PG I Semester-M.Sc(Pharmaceutical Chemistry), M.Sc(Physics), M.Sc(Mathematics), M.Sc(Microbiology) and M.Ed Examination Results      
29~01~2012 PG I Semester-M.Sc(Analytical Chemistry),M.Sc(Biochemistry), M.Sc(Computer Science), M.Sc(Botany), M.Sc(Zoology), M.Sc(Visual Communication), MA(Telugu) Examination Results
08~01~2012 PG III Semester M.A(Economics), M.A(English),M.Sc(Botany),M.Sc(Mathematics),M.Sc(Microbiology,M.Com Results